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Gallatin Gateway School is a rural Kindergarten through eighth-grade school that serves an average of 150 students per year. It was started in prior to 1884, and for over a hundred years has fulfilled the needs of the rural families. The school has established itself in this deep-rooted community and is continuing to thrive and expand.

Gallatin Gateway School received a facelift in 2001 with a new addition. It was once a four room school and is now a standard sized rural elementary school with state of the art classrooms and equipment.

Early Historical Facts
Excerpt from Sharon Smith's 6th grade class reports in 1979. Written by Valerie Johnson.


  • The first school for the Salesville kids to attend was a log cabin located around the area of Wilson Creek. We are not sure of the exact location.
  • The first school in Salesville was a frame building that is now the Amberson house. It had one outhouse and one teacher, Ida May Brown. There were twenty kids at this time. The next teacher, Mary Lockhart, taught 34 kids.
  • In 1900 two teachers were hired. The school year was now 7 months long. One teacher taught 4 months and the other 3 months. They still rented the school.
  • In 1901 a new school was built where the brick one stands now. It was moved in 1909 and is now Jim Alverson's welding shop. The school year was now nine months long.
  • In 1914 the brick school was built. One room was to be later used for a high school, but the high school students went to Bozeman. Three other schools joined up with this one.


Our Mission

The Gallatin Gateway School community empowers our students to take responsibility for their learning so they may achieve their indvidiual potentials as lifelong lerners and productive citizens.

Educational Goal of Gallatin Gateway School

To guide students to transform their potential into actuality, their basic quality education should enable them to:


  • Find joy in learning.
  • Communicate ideas, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Reason critically and creatively.
  • Assume social responsibility.
  • Develop their creative abilities.
  • Be effective in changing the world.
  • Develop personal responsibility.
  • Learn about their individual development and growth.


For more information, please see Gallatin Gateway Policy #2000.

School Goals of Gallatin Gateway School

Please download the Comprehensive Educational Plan 2008-2013 (543k PDF).


The Trustees of School District #35 are guided by the conviction that every student has the right to the best education this community can provide. Responsibility for this rests with all citizens, parents, school staff, and students, with the ultimate responsibility for direction and decision-making being assumed by the Board of Trustees.

The Board will exert leadership in creating, maintaining, and improving the school for the children's educational needs. The focal point of concern in our school system is the student. Organization, staffing, programming, teaching, and funding will all be developed to enhance positive opportunities for students to learn and develop personally, academically, and socially.

For more information, please see Gallatin Gateway Policy #1015.


Click here to view a chart of historical enrollment.

Gallatin Gateway School accepts out of district students according to School Policy #3025.


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