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School Board Resources


Endless Harvest-MCEL closing session presented by Dr. Mary Moe describing the value of our public schools and the great work that educators do right here in our state.  This presentation has been reproduced for you and those who did not attend MCEL for use in your community.

The Great Work of Montana's Public Schools (Volume II, October 2014)

2012 MTSBA General Assembly

The 8 Characteristics of Effective School Boards- What does it take to improve student achievement?- MTSBA June 2014

2013 Session Final Voting Record- Originally Published May 31, 2013, Narrative Updated February 2014

Montana Department of Revenue: Property Appraisal and Appeal Process & Natural Resource Taxes- as presented September 12, 2014 by MASBO 

LC0143- Genearlly Revising Election Laws Memo- August 15, 2014 from The Montana Public Information Center (MT-PEC)

MTSBA- Preparing and Delivering Testimony for Committee Hearings

The Common Core State Standards Initiative- "An Essential Truths Issue Spotlight Prepared by the Montana Public Education Center- September 6, 2013

2015 Legislature- total number of Unintroduced Bills- 370

Effective School Boards

Crucial Conversations About America's Schools as presented by Dr. John Draper

Essential Truths About the Great Work of Montana's Public Schools

K-12 Education 2013 Legislative Session: Summary of Legislation Related to K-12 Eduation

MTSBA Trustee Orientation Manual: Obtained from Montana Office of Public Instruction website

Essential School Law: A Different Perspective for Board Members, Superintendents, and School Lawyers- presented by Forrest Jack Lance, General Counsel for Rockdale County Public Schools

The Board and its Superintendent: Developing and Maintaining an Effective Relationship presented by Joe Brott and Bob Vogel of MTSBA and Rick Duncan, Superintendent of PCHS.

Robert's Rules of Order for Gallatin Gateway Elementary School District (PDF)- July 2013

Annual Board Meeting and Work Session Agenda Calendar Procedure (PDF)- revisions adopted November 2016

Compliance with Montana Open Meeting Laws

Preparing for a Sucessful Year: Essential Guidance for Trustees

Back to School: How are Montana Schools Funded?

The Montana Budget & Policy Center Blog- Wonky Word Wednesdays

MTSBA HR Symposium Presentation- February 7, 2015


Summary of Funds

Flexibility Fund- presented by Business Manager at October 2015 regular meeting

Transporation Fund- presented by Business Manager at November 2015 regular meeting

Bus Depreciation Fund- presented by Business Manager at December 2015 regular meeting

Tuition Fund- presented by Business Manager at January 2016 regular meeting

Retirement Fund- presented by Business Manager at February 2016 regular meeting

Adult Education Fund- presented by Business Manager at March 2016 regular meeting

Teacher's Retirement System (TRS) and Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) Summary- presented by Business Manager at April 2016 regular meeting

Technology Fund- presented by the Business Manager at the September 2016 regular meeting

Building Reserve Fund- presented by the Business Manager at October 2016 meeting

General Fund- Part I- presented by the Business Manager at February 2017 regular meeting

General Fund- Part II- presented by the Business Manager at March 2017 regular meeting




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