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River Study - West Yellowstone Field Trip

Ocean Study

The ocean is several hundred miles from the rural community of Gallatin Gateway, MT, yet the ocean influences our lives.  Oceans cover nearly 70% of Earth’s surface and contain 95% of the life-bearing space. This yearlong ocean study preludes the detailed Gallatin River study.   Our goal in fourth-grade science is to creatively teach about the ocean through all curricular areas and hands-on labs. 

A few topics:

1.     Oceans on Earth are one “world ocean”.

2.     Water cycle/water treatment.

3.     Distribution: land and water.

4.     Identification and location of the oceans.

5.     Ocean currents /flow direction.

6.     Wave formation/shoreline change.

7.     Ocean tides and the moon.

8.     Why the ocean is salty.

9.     Problems and solutions of ocean pollution.

10.  Oceans affect on Earth’s weather.

11.  Marine food producers/food consumers.

12.  Ocean floor zones: Plant and animal life.

13.  Topographic mapping of the ocean (GIS).

14.  Reef formations/deteriorations.



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