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Technology in the Gallatin Gateway School District


The Gallatin Gateway Public School (K-8) has built a proud tradition of educating students in the community. The District has committed its efforts and monies to insuring that students and teachers have the best possible equipment, materials, and training available for instruction. This effort includes providing opportunities for students, teachers, and community members to become efficient and literate users of current technology. The process of integrating technology to promote school improvement, professional development, student academic achievement, assessment, distance learning, and the advanced delivery of instruction is a priority at Gallatin Gateway School. Technology is the tool that allows the District to equalize opportunity for students and teachers with larger districts in the state, while providing the individual and personal education that a smaller school can offer.  The use and integration of technology in the District will keep Gallatin Gateway on the cutting edge of education today.

Gallatin Gateway staff design and implement professional development plans to ensure teachers have the knowledge and skills to successfully implement technology into all curriculums.  Teachers learn and utilize effective ways to integrate technology into their curriculum and apply technology in ways that enhance instructional opportunities and successes for all students.  Teachers show their support of technology use by developing their own skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to model effective uses of technology.  In addition, Gallatin Gateway staff learn uses of technology that provide assessment feedback to parents, students, and the teacher about how well the student is learning, and then use that data to improve learning productivity.  Gallatin Gateway staff recognizes and supports the importance of students learning to use educational technology as an important component of their preparation for further education, work, and life.


Technology Plan 2012-2015
Technology Plan 2009-2012

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