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In order to improve basic math computation skills school-wide, we are using three research-based math learning computer programs: Math Facts in a Flash, One Minute Fluency, and Cornerstone Math.  These programs will allow teachers to monitor students through a number of different forms of assessments.  Monitoring is used through the use of AIMSWEB progress monitoring and benchmark assessment tests.



We are determined to evaluate all students’ reading and comprehension levels.  To accomplish this, all students are evaluated in grades K-8. This is done to determine their placements in a directed reading program.  Student reading progress is monitored through the use of AIMSweb reading, MAZE comprehension and DIBELS. The goal is to have all students reading at or above their grade level each year and improve their comprehension in all subject areas. 



Gallatin Gateway School recognizes the importance of good writing.  We want to encourage neat and legible handwriting and proper technique by teaching the D’nealian style of handwriting.  This is accomplished through practice and supplementary programs like Handwriting Without Tears.  To teach correct writing of sentence, paragraph, and body structure, Gallatin Gateway School applies 6+1 Traits and Step Up to writing programs.  Alpha Smart machines are used by students to supplement vocabulary and spelling.  Occupational therapy is available for students in need of such services. 



Title I Forms 

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Math & Reading websites for extra practice


Reading Websites:


Star Fall - help your child develop and practice basic reading skills!



Book Adventure -   For students K-8.  Kids can search & read books, take quizzes & earn prizes!


Fun Brain - Reading & Games



Math websites:


Math playground - Grades 1-6 math practice &



Interactive sites for education -  fun math games - links for other math resources/games


Meet the Gallatin Gateway School Title I Team:

Kim DeBruycker

Kim McCauley 

Amy Burkenpas 

Joe Mohr  

Kacee Krob




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