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Visit Travis Anderson's page  Email Travis Anderson  Travis Anderson - Superintendent


Visit Miss Rubio's page  Email Miss Rubio  Miss Rubio - Kindergarten
Visit Mrs. Krogstad's page  Email Mrs. Krogstad  Mrs. Krogstad - 1st Grade
Visit Ms. Tysse's page  Email Ms. Tysse  Ms. Tysse - 2nd Grade
Visit Mrs. Yager's page  Email Mrs. Yager  Mrs. Yager - 3rd Grade
Visit Mrs. Senenfelder's page  Email Mrs. Senenfelder  Mrs. Senenfelder - 4th Grade
Visit Ms. Dieter's page  Email Ms. Dieter  Ms. Dieter - 5th Grade
Visit Mrs. Matthews's page  Email Mrs. Matthews  Mrs. Matthews - 6th Grade
Visit Mrs. Krob's page  Email Mrs. Krob  Mrs. Krob - 7th Grade
Visit Ms. Davis's page  Email Ms. Davis  Ms. Davis - 8th Grade
Visit Mrs. Curry's page  Email Mrs. Curry  Mrs. Curry - Special Education
Visit Miss Jaeger's page  Email Miss Jaeger  Miss Jaeger - Music/Health Enhancement
Visit Mr. Coon's page  Email Mr. Coon  Mr. Coon - Middle School Math/Technology/Middle School PE
Visit Ms. Sann's page  Email Ms. Sann  Ms. Sann - School Counselor
Visit Mrs. Krob 's page  Email Mrs. Krob   Mrs. Krob - Library Media Specialist & Gifted Education


Ms. Walsh, RN - City-County Health Nurse
Deputy Kristine Shackleford - School Resource Officer
Mrs. Brown - School Psychologist
Email Dr. Schaff  Dr. Schaff - Primary Care Clinic
Email Mrs. Massey  Mrs. Massey - Speech Pathologist
Email Ms. Gerl  Ms. Gerl - Paraprofessional
Email Mrs. Jaffe  Mrs. Jaffe - Paraprofessional
Email Mrs. Westlake  Mrs. Westlake - Paraprofessional


Email Ms. Clark  Ms. Clark - Administrative Secretary/Registrar
Email Mrs. Fisher  Mrs. Fisher - District Clerk/Business Manager

Bus Drivers

Mrs. Brenner - Bus Driver
Mr. Lee - Bus Driver


Mrs. Gunderson - Kitchen Manager
Mrs. Savage - Kitchen Assistant

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