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Gifted Education


We, of the Gallatin Gateway School, realize that the perpetuation of our society depends on the progress of the individual.  Continued progress and growth of the individual is the aim of education in Gateway.  This education should be intellectual in its direction, individualized in its approach, demanding in its efforts, character building in its nature, humane in its treatment, and scientific in its method.  

We of the Gallatin Gateway School, knowing full well the responsibility entrusted to us by our complex society are dedicated to these goals:

  1. To develop in each of our pupils the recognition of the presonal dignity of man. 
  2. To cultivate intellectual curiousity in each pupil.
  3. To equip each pupil to live a responsible and profitable life as a citizen of the community, nation, and world.
  4. To aid each pupil in acquiring and developing desirable traits of character and a wholesome, well-integrated personality.
  5. To help each pupil realize his own potentials and help him adjust to everyday problems both intellectual and social.
  6. To teach the fundamental skills and develop effective study and work habits.

Gifted Education


Gifted Education Handbook

Gifted Education Powerpoint


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