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Facility Project

We need your input! Join us for one or all of the meeting scheduled for September 23, 28 & October 1!

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Gallatin Gateway School District is in the preliminary phases of developing a plan for a renovation and/or new construction project. At this time, the estimated timeline for this project is as follows: 
  • Begin process- November 2019
  • Develop project plan- March 2020- March 2021
  • Bond Election- May 2021
  • Construction/Renovation begins- June 2021

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Building Committee Scope

The Building Committee will make recommendations to the Gallatin Gateway School Board on scope, timeline, and bond election promotion for the District’s upcoming facility project to begin April 2020. 
  • The Committee will elect a Chair among its members and will report on progress to the School Board on a monthly basis or as necessary. 
  • The School Board may delegate certain tasks to the Committee, however, all decisions regarding the building project remain with the School Board.
  • The Committee may establish sub-committees with a defined scope of work to help carry out the Committee’s scope. 
  • The Committee may invite members of the public, District staff or other experts to assist in its work.
  • The Committee will remain in effect until the completion of the current project beginning April 2020.
  • The committee will be limited to no more than 10 members, not to include the Design-Build team or the District Clerk:.
    • 2 Board members
    • Superintendent
    • 4 Community members (in-district parents/guardians and taxpayers)
    • 2 Staff Members
  • The Building Committee and all established subcommittees will conduct meetings in public and in accordance with the provisions of Montana’s open meeting laws. Members of the Gallatin Gateway community are encouraged to attend meetings of the Building Committee, subcommittees and School Board and participate in the process
Committee Established- April 15, 2020
Scope Adopted- April 15, 2020

Committee Members

Committee Appointments: 
    • 2 Board members
      • Mary Martin (appointed April 15, 2020)
      • Patti Ringo (appointed April 15, 2020)
    • Superintendent 
      • Theresa Keel (appointed April 15, 2020)
    • 4 Community members (in-district parents/guardians and taxpayers)
      • Ben Jones- parent & business owner (appointed May 1, 2020)
      • Brian Kimmel- parent, taxpayer, & business owner (appointed May 1, 2020)
      • Sue Shockely- grandparent & taxpayer (appointed May 1, 2020)
      • Allison Ulrich- parent & taxpayer (appointed May 1, 2020)
    • 2 Staff Members
      • Alix Davis- certified teacher (appointed April 15, 2020)
      • Bobbie Jo Gunderson- Kitchen Manager (appointed May 1, 2020)

Assess Phase

Pre-Bond Building Assessment (draft)- June 12, 2020
Community Survey (draft)- June 12, 2020

Explore Phase

Gateway Village Information Update- presented October 8, 2020
Building Committee Recommendation- considered at October 1, 2020 Special Board Meeting
Bozeman Daily Chronicle News Article: Gallatin Gateway School board to decide future of 1914 schoolhouse- September 26, 2020
Updated Concept Ideas- to be discussed Sept. 23, 28, & Oct. 1
Community Input- Meetings Flyer
Community Survey Results- September 2020
Updated Concepts/Ideas- presented August 25, 2020
Building Committee Open House Flyer- presented August 25, 2020
Bozeman Daily Chronicle News Article: Gallatin Gateway School seets input on renovations- August 21, 2020
Preliminary Concepts- presented at July 30, 2020 committee meeting

Apply Phase


Bond Campaign


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Press Release- Gallatin Gateway School District Partners with Martel Construction & Cushing Terrell
RFQ for Owners Representative- (CLOSED)- Due December 13, 2019 @ 3:30pm
(Interviews to be conducted by School Board on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 beginning at 5pm)
Owners Representative Evaluation Rubric- approved at the January 3, 2020 meeting
Owners Representative RFQs Received- reviewed at December 18, 2020 regular meeting
Owners Representative Interview Questions- approved December 18, 2020 regular meeting
Owners Representative  Evaluation- Summary of Results- presented by District Clerk at February 19, 2020 meeting
(Interviews to be conducted by School Board Thursday, March 5, Friday, March 6, and Monday, March 9)
Design- Build RFQ's Received- reviewed at February 19, 2020
Design-Build Interview Questions- approved February 19, 2020
Scoring Rubrics for RFQ & Interviews for Design-Build Teams- discussed and reviewed at March 11, 2020 Board meeting

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