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School Bond Election

Meeting Today's Needs, Preparing for the Future
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Gallatin Gateway School embraces an engaging learning culture in a safe, nurturing environment where each student thrives now and into the future. We will do this by honoring our community’s rich culture and heritage, while being prepared for future advancements, effective learning modalities, and growth.

The basis of the bond is built on the deferred maintenance needs of the building.
•    The school building areas range in age from 21 – 100+ functioning years
•    The last improvements were completed over twenty years ago
•    There were numerous HCLS deficiencies identified including but not limited to:
i.    No fire suppression system
ii.    Multiple eras of fire alarm systems
iii.    Mechanical, Plumbing, & Electrical systems not functioning properly and 20 plus years old
iv.    Lack of proper accessibility to many occupied areas
v.    Moisture filtration
vi.   Roofing replacement needs
Multiple assessments have been completed on the District building in recent years (i.e. 2012, 2016, & 2020). Most recently, June 2020, Cushing Terrell and DCI Engineers conducted a PreBond Assessment which identified many life-safety issues and identified many areas and systems throughout the building and noted the following in their summary of findings:
“The Gallatin Gateway School was constructed with quality materials and portions remain in serviceable condition. The multiple eras of additions throughout the years have some building envelope repairs that are needed, as well as a roof replacement. Throughout the interior, safety and security upgrades need to be made in the Main Office area and exiting, to provide further security for the school; thermal comfort and ventilation in the classrooms need improved and updated HVAC systems; fire alarms need to be consolidated, non-serviceable electrical panels need replaced.”
“Most deficiencies identified are related to materials close to, or over, their lifespan. Life safety, building envelope, & safety/security items are the focus for prioritizing recommendations."
The June 2020 report also indicated the following site challenges: 
“The primary challenges of this site are due to pedestrian and vehicular circulation for pick up and drop off times, general wear in the asphalt near the playground, visual surveillance from interior to exterior, and building and site drainage which are directing water back towards the building.”