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information about the tax calculator
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The tax calculator is based on ESTIMATES of how the passage of the levy could impact individual property taxes. 
  1. The District's overall taxable value will likely change, impacting the total number of mills the District would need to assess to make the annual payment for the levy. The District will receive the new taxable value for the District the first Monday in August. This is determined and issued by the Department of Revenue.
This tax calculator is not intended to provide the actual dollar amounts for increases, but is a tool and starting point to estimate the financial impact based on information available at this time.  

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How to use the tax calculator
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  1. Locate your most recent tax bill from Gallatin County Treasurer's Office
    1. Paper Copy- mailed to you
    2. Online using Gallatin County Treasurer's office iTax website
      1. Only enter one field into the search form (ex: Last Name)
  2. On your bill, locate the taxable value (see red arrows on photo)
  3. Enter your taxable value into the Tax Calculator
photo of tax bill with red arrows indicating where to find taxable value