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Food Service

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Breakfast & Lunch Program
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Breakfast is available every morning in the cafeteria from 7:30-7:40.
Lunch is served at the following times:
K-2-  11:20-11:40
3-5-   11:00-11:20
6-8-   12:10-12:30
Gallatin Gateway School offers qualifying families a free lunch program and also a reduced lunch program. These forms are available to fill out on line starting in August, but if your family needs a paper form please stop by the office. All applications are confidential, and we encourage everyone to apply even if you think you may not qualify. Also, if at any time during the year your family has financial hardships please stop by and complete the form. Free and reduced lunch can be used all year long, or month-to-month depending on your family's needs. Many grants we apply for are awarded to schools based on the number of families that qualify for our breakfast/lunch program. Please remember that families who qualify don't necessarily need to participate in the program for the school to earn credit toward the grant. This program ensures a balanced meal to every student every day, please participate!

Students and staff can eat meals for the following prices:
Milk: $0.50
Student Breakfast: $2.25
Adult Breakfast: $2.28
Student Lunch $3.90
Adult Lunch: $4.68 

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School breakfast resulted in significant: increases in math grades, decreases in student absences, decreases in student tardiness and decreases in ratings of psychosocial problems.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School “The Relationship of School Breakfast to Psychosocial and Academic Functioning” (search “past issues” for 1998 vol. 152 no. 9)

"Students who ate school breakfast often had math grades that averaged almost a letter grade higher than students who ate school breakfast rarely."
— Pediatrics, Vol. 101 No.1, January 1998