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Food Service

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Celebrity Chef Harvey
lucky tray
Food Service workers ready to serve lunch

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Meal ordering- free meals for all children under 18 years old
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This program is available through June 9, 2022.

All students, homebound students, homeschool students, and children not enrolled in GGS, but under the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the free meal program. 
Students attending class in-person: 
  • Please order your breakfasts (grouped in 2 week blocks) by Friday at noon for delivery to the classroom at the start of the day for that time period.
  • Order forms will be emailed to families, responses will be recorded and submitted to the kitchen staff.
  • In addition to email links, links to order food can also be found below on this page.
  • Lunches will be ordered daily in the classroom using our past practices-- no preorder necesary for in-person lunches
  • Please note menus are subject to change without notice as interruptions in the supply chain and driver shortages cannot be anticipated.  Thanks for your understanding
Homebound students, homeschool students, quarantined, and all unenrolled children under the age of 18
  • Please order all meals in advance for preparation.Orders are due on Friday by noon for the two week time frame.  The due date to order will be noted on the order form. 
  • Meal pick up is from 11:15am-11:45am each day-- no exceptions due to food safety- these are the same meals students at school are receiving.


A huge shout out to Albertsons in Belgrade for helping to support our breakfast program!
A round of applause to Chef Harvey for a job well done! 
He assisted Ms. McClure in the kitchen on February 17th to create an exquisite lunch of Orange Chicken, Fried Rice, Mini Egg Rolls, and Pineapple.  The aromas were tantalizing and the food divine.  
For his service, Harvey was awarded some fine looking gator bling.
Celebrity Chef Harveyharvey and ms. mclure

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Breakfast & Lunch Program
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Breakfast is every morning in the classroom. Parents should complete the electronic order form for Breakfast by noon Friday on a specified date for a two week time period.
Lunch is served at the following times:
K-2-  11:52-12:15
3-5-   12:12-12:37
6-8-   12:42-1:07
Gallatin Gateway School offers qualifying families a free lunch program and also a reduced lunch program. These forms are available to fill out on line starting in August, but if your family needs a paper form please stop by the office. All applications are confidential, and we encourage everyone to apply even if you think you may not qualify. Also, if at any time during the year your family has financial hardships please stop by and complete the form. Free and reduced lunch can be used all year long, or month-to-month depending on your family's needs. Many grants we apply for are awarded to schools based on the number of families that qualify for our breakfast/lunch program. Please remember that families who qualify don't necessarily need to participate in the program for the school to earn credit toward the grant. This program ensures a balanced meal to every student every day, please participate!

Students and staff can eat meals for the following prices:
Milk: $0.50
Student Breakfast: $1.75 (FREE- August 30, 2021-June 9, 2022) 
Adult Breakfast: $2.75
Student Lunch $2.95 (FREE- August 30, 2021-June 9, 2022) 
Adult Lunch: $4.25 ( August 30, 2021-June 9, 2022) (per USDA requirements) 

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School breakfast resulted in significant: increases in math grades, decreases in student absences, decreases in student tardiness and decreases in ratings of psychosocial problems.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School “The Relationship of School Breakfast to Psychosocial and Academic Functioning” (search “past issues” for 1998 vol. 152 no. 9)

"Students who ate school breakfast often had math grades that averaged almost a letter grade higher than students who ate school breakfast rarely."
— Pediatrics, Vol. 101 No.1, January 1998