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Core Ideology

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The Core Purpose of Gallatin Gateway School is to embrace an engaging learning culture in a safe, nurturing environment where each student thrives now and into the future. 

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  • Individualized Success: We value a commitment of success from each board member, each staff member and each student. The dedication and enthusiasm of each board member and each staff member together with our nurturing, inspiring environment is critical to each student’s individual success.
  • Student-Centered: The focus of all decisions is based first and foremost on the best interests of each and every student. We value the individual attributes of each student and a school environment that promotes positive, individual opportunities for each student.
  • Sense of Community: We believe that engagement with and respect for our community is vital to our success.
  • Accountability: We believe that holding ourselves accountable for our successes and our challenges is essential to reaching our envisioned future.
  • Culture of Collaboration and Support: We believe that fostering a culture in which our staff are and feel valued and supported in their roles and a culture where collaboration is embraced and honored is vital to our success. 

Adopted with Strategic Plan- August 15, 2018

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Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan - updates adopted November 2022

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2018-2019 Annual Goals- adopted August 15, 2018