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1.0 FTE Music Teacher

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1.0 FTE Music teacher
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Gallatin Gateway School is hiring a music teacher!  This position also has a possibility for teaching Health Enhancement classes. 
The Music Teacher is responsible for teaching music education to pupils in grades K-8. The music teacher helps
pupils grow in their enjoyment, appreciation, and performance of music through a variety of planned music
experiences which include singing, moving to music, playing of instruments, and listening to music.
● Must possess excellent classroom management strategies 
● Plans and executes a balanced music program and organizes class time so that preparation, rehearsal and
instruction can be accomplished within the allotted time.
● Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the music curriculum to the needs of each
● Encourages students to develop individual musical skills to the greatest extent possible.
● Utilizes repertoire of all types of music literature, including traditional and contemporary that are appropriate
for the ages and skill levels of students.
● Acts as Band Director for voluntary and involuntary Band Programs.
● Maintains care for school owned music, musical instruments and equipment to prevent loss or abuse.
● Makes minor adjustments and requests repairs to instruments as required.
● Evaluates each students musical growth, performance, and understanding. Assesses each individuals
contribution to the performance of the group.
● Discusses students' problems and progress with parents.
● Selects appropriate music, books and instructional aids to enhance learning and requisitions musical
instruments and instructional supplies as needed.
● Collaborates and cooperates with superintendent and staff in providing musical programs for school
assemblies and seasonal programs.
● Works well with other staff members and collaborates with other teachers to benefit students.
● Reports cases of suspected child abuse according to state law.
● Complies with Board policies, rules, regulations, and directives.
Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be required as given or assigned.
Closing Date: Open until filled
Send completed district application to: Gallatin Gateway School, PO Box 265, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730 or call 406-763-4415